Orthotic assessments take place at our 70 Exhibition Street location Monday - Friday and every Wednesday in our Digby location at the Digby General Hospital, 75 Warwick Street.

These assessments are by appointment only. The appointments will be approximately one hour in length, where the pedorthist will take a gait analysis, biomechanical analysis as well as the history of the patient.


A doctor's referral is required to fabricate a custom made orthotics. The orthotics will be ready in two weeks. A pick up appointment will be made at the end of the assessment.

Custom foot orthotics, knee braces, and medical venous compression stocking fittings all require a Physician's referral and are by appointment only. Our products and services are not presently covered by the Nova Scotia Health Care System. Individuals may be funded by a third party payer such as Workers Compensation Board, Veterans Affairs Canada, Motor Vehicle Insurance, First Canadian Health, RCMP, or a private health benefit insurer.